Crystal Picking in the Fish Creek Forest

Just outside of city limits there's a forest that I take my dog Dexter to often. It's got tons of trails, some that go down into the creek and some that just circle around, up and down. Several years ago some friends of mine discovered an area of the forest where all along either sides of the creek in the rock face were quartz crystals forming.

Every couple years we meet up, head down to the creek and see how much it's changed. Sometimes we find huge crystal formations and other times just little baby ones. I collect a handful and bring them home to wash and then set on my window sill. 

Fun fact: It's said that holding a quartz crystal in your hand doubles your biomagnetic field as is seen by a Kirlian camera. Quartz also enhances muscle testing and protects against radiation.

The forest is so alive with colour and light this time of year.


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