Sweet Autumn

It's my favourite time of the year for photos. Smokey aired riddled with falling dead leaves, cool enough to wear your warm fall boots and thick winter scarves. I spend half my life in yoga leggings as I teach a class or more almost every day, and they always look so cute paired in a big comfy tunic or oversized army jacket... but I'm off topic.

Photos! Yes the photos! Here's some of my recent work with clients around the area ...

On Friday I set up my business account at the bank and all went well. I need to contact RBC's business advisor to organize a credit card, and wait for my debit card to arrive in the mail and then I'm pretty much set for banking.

Monday I need to make an appointment with an accountant to get some good ol' fashion accountant advice, figure out what I can and cannot write off and all that good stuff. Taxes used to be so easy before all this business rigamarole.


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