What I've Learned So Far About Careers

The first and likely most important lesson learned since quitting my day job, is being happy in what you do for work is something you simply shouldn't compromise on.

I wake up every morning still, and think this is too good to be true. Coming from someone who used to wake up between 4 and 6 am to leave for work {sometimes a 40 min - 1.5 hr commute} and then spend 13 hours at a desk or sitting inside a vehicle waiting for bad things to happen, I'd say I'm in heaven.

Eventually the glamour will fade and this will just become the norm for me, but it's a normal that I'm prepared - and excited - to live with until I retire. I was just recently talking to my best friend about her job and the issues she's been having. Loves the work, hates the company; she's treated like shit and discriminated against for being a young pretty girl in a truck driving industry dominated by men.

I gave her the same advice I'd give anyone unhappy with their jobs - quit. There's something better out there, you just need to find it. Whether it's a different company or different work all together, find a job that you want to wake up to; where your time is valued and appreciated, and the hard work you put in is recognized. Find a job that doesn't feel like work and you'll never have to work another day in your life!

We spend the better part of our lives working, so why wouldn't you want to make that time count? If you're young and you can figure out what you want to spend you life doing, then follow that path. You're already ahead of the game. If you're already working for a living, ask yourself if you're really happy with what you do. Could be you be happier? Is there something you've always wanted to make happen, like open a cafe, teach art, or go back to school? Those dreams should be your priority, and you should follow them until you make them a reality.

Anyone can find happiness in their work life, you just need to seek it.


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