What's the Dealio

What is the Ash Tree Collective?

I've created this space without any intention of growing it into something specific. I like the idea of not knowing what it will become, and allowing it to grow and define itself in time.

At this date of writing, I've just recently registered Ashley Alexandra Photography as a business in the province of BC. Here I will share and document my stories and experiences as I venture further into the world of small business ownership.

Apart from the business aspect of the blog, the Ash Tree Collective will house an array {or collection} of ramblings, photos, tutorials and likely a lot of venting and exciting {or not} life stuff!

I'd like to inspire others with my stories and share the ups and downs of living the life of a starving artist. I think if I can just encourage one person through this online mess of words and photos that living a life they love is the only life worth living, that it will all be time well spent.

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