Gratitude on Thanksgiving

I started my Thanksgiving day out by having breakfast with my Mum from 1400 km away. Technology is great, definitely grateful for that!

This is likely about the millionth post about giving thanks and gratefulness published in the blog world today {in Canada at least} so I'll try to keep it as original as possible.

To begin, I'd like to take a trip down memory lane and through an old notebook to see what my eighteen year old self was thankful for ...

All very good things to be grateful for, very genuine.

I'd have to agree with myself on everything. There's a grey side to a few of these things but as a whole, I think it's a good list.

So moving on, what is twenty something year old Ashley grateful for? There's lots new in my life since then, so lots more to feel grateful about: Danny, the life we've built together, my yoga practice and instructing etc. etc.

But it's kind of a given that I'm grateful for the things I love, who isn't? So here's a list of things I'm thankful for that maybe don't get enough credit - with complimentary iPhone photos:

- sweat pants days {today}
I feel very privileged to live in a society where it's deemed acceptable to laze around in your sweaty pants {sometimes all day} on special occasions

- pumpkin spice muffins
By the time I realized how grateful I was for pumpkin spice muffins I'd already finished most of it, but you get the idea

- unmade beds
Seriously, messy beds don't get enough credit. They're so much less work to get comfortable in than a tightly tucked neatly made bed

- dry shampoo
My life when it comes to my bangs in the morning is so much less complicated due to this little gem

- veterinary procedures
Had it not been for breakthroughs in modern day pet health care my little hairball Toby may not have had all her rotten teeth removed a couple years ago. Now she is healthy and still going strong at almost 16 years old {that's not actually the way her face looks, she's just giving you the stink eye}

- skip-bo
So fun

- my single smoothie blender
Just a fantastic invention. You should get one

If you have Netflix at home and you're feeling the urge to watch a really terrible Thanksgiving themed movie, search "ThanksKilling"

Your welcome


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