How To Make Easy Fabric Flowers & Headbands

Start with a folded strip of fabric, about 12" x 2" (1" width after folding)

The length and width will determine the size and look of the flower (amount of "petals")

With a needle and thread, sew along the length of the fabric near the edge of the open side

Once the entire length is sewn, tie both end pieces of thread together and tighten the knot cinching the fabric into a flower

Put a dab of hot glue on the corner of one end of the fabric strip ...

... stick both end corners together with the scrappy side down

Optional: Using an iron or hair straightener, flatten your flower out a bit. Don't leave it on the heat too long

This is your basic fabric flower. It has many looks depending on how much fabric you use, how big the spaces are between stitches, type of fabric etc.

Using hot glue, I'm going to stack a few of these together and then use a button as my centre piece before attaching the whole thing to a stretchy head band.

Put a scrap piece of fabric on the wrong side of your head band if your hot glue is going to seep through the lace/fabric when attaching the flower


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