How to make a Heated Dog Pillow

My little yorkie Toby doesn't have much meat on her and at a mere five pounds she always seems to be cold this time of the year. Normally she burrows herself into a blanket or a sweater, or sits in my lap, but I thought I could make something to ease her skinny little suffering.

This is a lazy tutorial for a super easy, super quick Microwavable Dog Pillow

Grab some fabric and scissors - measuring tape optional, I didn't use it, just for scale

Fold your fabric in half and cut out the size of pillow that's going to work best for you or your dog

Fold your fabric evenly so the wrong side is face up. Sew along the edges (except for folded side)

Remember to leave a hole where we can add the filler

Grab your filler! In this case I'm using rice, but you can also use wheat, barley, oatmeal, or beans etc.

Grab a funnel and start filling your bag! If you're like me and fresh out of funnels, use a scrap piece of construction paper or cardboard. I used about 10 cups of rice, give or take, to fill my pillow.

Fold the edges of your opening inwards to create a cleaner hem and then sew the hole closed

That's one snazzy rice bag

Chuck your new pillow on a plate in the microwave for 1 - 3 minutes. Some suggest heating it along with a small cup of water as a safety precaution.

Have your dog pop a squat on that nifty little craft and see what they think. 
I don't know if Toby even knew what was going on...  But I think she was pleased

And for those rainy days that you're cold too, put this thing on your lap! Dog optional.


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