The Real Space Project Feature

I follow a really fantastic blog called Life as an Artistpreneur where the author Becka, shares the ups and downs of her journey as a full time creative business owner, wife and mama.

She posts loads of really inspiring and thoughtful content, in particular her series "Coffee Cup Chats," which is a bi-monthly feature about issues, ideas, or frustrations in regards to creative self employment {of which really resonates with me as I am just beginning this journey}

This weeks Coffee Cup Chat features the Real Spaces Project of where Becka asked her readers to send in photos of their work rooms, nooks, offices and studios in all their natural glory - unorganized, unstaged and maybe not so pinterest worthy!

I sent in a shot of my own little work space and was featured in the project {yay!} so go check out Becka's post and take a peek at all the lovely REAL work spaces of the five featured Artistpreneurs.

Coffee Cup Chats | The Real Space Project


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