Thrift Store Finds & Old Frame Tutorials

The other day I went to the thrift store with the intention of buying a few things for some home made gifts I'm planning for Christmas, and walked out with such a good haul!

Finding everything you're looking for {and then some} at the thrift store is usually kinda rare in my experience, so I was pretty stoked.

I'll miss these little guys once I give them away, all except the tinted aqua one ...

This is a present to myself.

Chalkboard and Picture Frames
R E - D E S I G N E D   T H R I F T

I also found some old frames that I'm going to upcycle in the following tutorials!

I'm turning the octagonal frame into a hanging chalk board

First things first I dusted the frame off and cleaned the glass carefully

Then gave the glass a few thin layers of the chalkboard paint

As the glass was drying I started to apply the paint to the frame

I used an acrylic sea glass colour and applied about three layers

After the frame was completely dry I gave it a few layers of a semi-gloss varnish

Then I got to painting the brass frame. The edges of the frame were black velvet but I painted over them too, ended up looking kinda like wood.

I used an acrylic bleached sand colour and applied about three layers

I let the paint dry and then applied a few layers of the semi-gloss finish

This was the finished chalkboard. I would have loved to write something sassy on it for the photo but I plan on gifting these frames so I decided not to!

And here is the ex-brass frame just begging to be filled with a black and white photo.


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