How About That Weather Eh?

I'm sure every body says this about their own towns, but I swear we have the weirdest weather up North. Our Autumn was perfect and uncharacteristically hot.

Right in the middle of our beautiful fall it decided to snow for a week straight and just like that Autumn was Winter

And then two night ago is started to rain, and for the most part didn't quit until Sunday afternoon. Which was perfect timing as I was outside with a couple doing an Engagement Session. 

But still, now we have wet icy snow and slush.

I'm really more of a Summer lover. Especially up North where the days are so long and there's only a couple hours of real darkness. This Summer was especially hot and awesome. Shorts weather even at night: my favourite.

Not anymore. Guess I just have to accept the fact that the snow is here to stay. And what goes best with cold Winter nights?

The onesies we just ordered.

c/o of boohoo


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