Planted Garlic Last Minute Xmas Gift

I love garlic. I really, really, love garlic.

I love garlic so much that when I was in grade 2, I would eat garlic toast for breakfast every single morning.

Cool kid right?

This year for Christmas I'm sharing my garlicky love! And you can too! Give the gift of bad breath and good health!

Traditionally garlic is planted on Winter Solstice {Dec 21} and harvested on Summer solstice {June 21, 2013}. So today I'm going to plant one for the purpose of making this post, and then the rest right before xmas on the 21st as little gifts for my loved ones. If you're reading this and it's not quite December 21st anymore, plant anyway.... no one will ever know...

What you'll need:
- pots/planters/jars
- garlic {organic is best!}
- potting soil
- rocks/glass globs
- wrapping/decorating supplies

Load up your pot with an inch or so of whatever you're using for your drainage area. Garlic grows best in well drained soil.

Fill your pot with soil

Separate a clove(s) from the bulb. Leave the skin on

Push your clove pointy side up into the soil until they are about 2 cm from the surface.

Then cover with soil and pat down gently with your fingies

Garlic can grow fairly close together, but try not to crowd your pot.

Give your garlic a good water, enough to last until your lucky gift receiver opens it up.

Then wrap your garlic plant up with whatever decorating means you've chosen

You should create a tag or card to accompany your plant. Let the receiver know how to care for the plant and when to harvest. It's also nice to include the many health benefits of garlic.

PS, if your receiver has them, you might want to mention that garlic is toxic to pets.

Have a smelly Christmas,



  1. What a sweet idea. I love love love this. Can't wait to try it. XOXO your newest follower