Yoga Challenge Pose for November

For this months November yoga challenge I've chosen Avarjita Virasana Mayurasana or Prone Hero's Peacock variation.

Anatomical Focus
- wrists and forearms
- thighs
- buttocks
- abdomen

- strengthens the wrists and forearms
- tones the abdomen
- strengthens the back torso and legs

Over the next month I'll be working on :
- firming my abdomen
- other arm balances, longer holds
- salabhasana locust, w/ hero legs
- upper back strength

Beginner's Tip
- If your elbows slide apart, bind them with a yoga strap

Towards the end of the month I'll post photos of my progress and hopefully a shot or two of me completing the pose.

As awesome as it is to complete new and fancy poses, it's equally as important to stay humble in your achievements. The challenge poses are not meant to invoke asmita or ego but to deepen your practice and to strongly increase the mind body union.

Aim for success,
not perfection.
Never give up because
then you will lose The ability
to learn new things.
Move forward with your life.
- Buddha -

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