Overflowing with Knowledge and Inspiration

Last night I had my three hour Mentoring Session with Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography. I knew when I applied for the session that I would come out feeling inspired, but I wasn't expecting the shift in my motivation and mentality that I'm experiencing.

I literally feel like I'm overflowing with new information and ideas, and I'm so excited to start to put these new tools to good use. I have a great feeling about the things to come in the near future!

You'll notice that these shots were all taken with my new Composer Pro Lens Baby Lens I talked about ordering in this post! I absolutely adore it! It was a little alien to me at first getting used to continuously manually focusing and tilting the lens but I'm getting the hang of it. These days we're so spoiled with our fancy auto-focus it's so rare that I'd actually shoot a whole session without it!

I have a very long to-do list I need to get cracking on as for the business aspect of Ashley Alexandra Photography. Lots to think about and lots to look into! Big changes coming in the New Year!



  1. photography is so fun :) i'm starting to get into myself but i'm not nearly as talented as you. i hope you keep it up! <3


  2. Your photos are sooo fun and inspiring! &Hearts; I love the composition! :)

    New reader here!!

  3. i love feeling inspired and excited about things! Your pictures are beautiful! What cute little subjects you have!

  4. Baby doll! This is SO IRONIC. Hunter of Three Nails is my wedding photographer for our wedding next year. He's awesome and I can't get enough of his work. Your pictures turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I need that coffee cup. AND i love the comment you made on my post "Home is where you make it". So true.

    1. That is Awesome!! He is an amaaaazing photographer and such a sweet guy! Can't wait to see how they turn out!!

  5. Wow these photos are gorgeous! You are seriously so talented!