the Holy & the Ivy

We spent our first half of our Christmas hanging out at Danny's parents house just outside of town. It was super relaxing and low key. Even though the photos I took make it look like all we did was make a pie all day, we did do more than that! We made a delicious supper and Gma and Gpa came over. We played skip-bo, watched some movies and played with the dogs. Very chill!

Danny's brother and his girlfriend came into town tonight and we'll all be getting together again with the family tomorrow to play games and do a Christmas exchange. We're also having a contest tomorrow night and calling it the Vincent Family Sock Off. Now, I know how that sounds {hah} but what's going to happen is Danny's G-Ma is going to teach us all how to knit a sock and then once we start we can't correct any mistakes or fix anything and then at the end, G-Ma will judge who has made the best sock!

Should be interesting! I'll be sure to document the festivities!


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  1. That cute little apple peeler. I want it ;) and I need to learn how to make a pie. I've never made my own!