10 Tips on Beating the Blues

If you've ever lived up North you've likely experienced the Winter Blues. Our Winters have a tendency to last sometimes up to 7-8 months. It can be absolutely exhausting; that is why so many of us try to sneak away down South for a mini vacay to soak up some vitamin D during the season.

But by no means do you need to live up North to know what it's like to experience random cases of the bluuuues.

So here's 10 tips I will use to drag my sorry ass out of its funk so I can get back to feeling myself again!

1. Go Outside
Take a good stroll in the forest or wander up and down the alleyways in your neighbourhood. The fresh air will do ya good!

photo c/o Tumblr 

2. Have a Bubble bath
Bust out the lavender or eucalyptus bath foam and soak it out.

3. Listen to something Relaxing
Whether it's relaxing ocean sounds or your favourite band, put in the headphones and go have a lie down.

4. Laugh or Dance like crazy
Put some awful 80s tunes on and bust a move in the kitchen. Or simply start laughing and don't stop!

photo c/o Etsy

5. Create a Gratitude list
Sit down and make a list of all the things you're grateful for in your life. This can be very humbling. Maybe even look into making your own or purchasing a gratitude journal.

6. Eat Mood enhancing Foods
Bananas, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, berries, green leafy veggies, fish, walnuts, eggs, and lean meats. All these foods contain many amino acids, vitamins and omega fatty acids which have positive effects on your feel-good hormones and your chemical brain messengers, so eat em' up! Avoid those nasty blood sugar spikes and get the digestive tract flowing smoothly. Don't forget to drink plenty of water daily!

7. Exercise
Roll out the yoga mat, go for a run, head to the gym or just chase your kids around for a half hour. The endorphins and hormones your body releases when active will perk your mood up whether you like it or not.

photo c/o Solothais

8. Take a Shower
Hot shower, cold shower, just wash the blues away! Maybe have a little cry?

9. Be Social
Meet up with the bestie for a coffee, head to the beach with friends, or just call up a bud to chat. Talk out your problems or just get your mind on someone else's issues.

10. Do something you're Good at
Go dig out your sketchbook or notebooks and get scribbling, painting, or creating!



  1. Love that Ash. I remember the last photo.... in Peru. You were bored and you wrote in that little journal all the time. Do you still have that journal?

    1. No! I can't find it! I wonder if it's tucked away in one of the random boxes you still have of mine in storage.