Welcome Two Thousand Thirteen

Another year come and gone, and soon to be another year older! No zombies attacked on December 21st, I managed to grow my hair out, I finally watched Star Wars for the first time, I got engaged to my best friend, and I officially started my own business. 'Twas a good year.

Here are thirteen on my most favourite or memorable photographs taken in the last year.

Might as well start 'er off January 1st sometime very early in the AM with my besties

My Dad and Danny playing beersbee at the Lake House

A sunset last Spring over looking the Montney Coolies. This is one of my photos being bought by the Hospital

Watching the sun set over Moberly Lake

Wanderlust: Whistler. Got to meet and listen to Garth Stevenson play his cello in the forest {I could have died happy}

Got to see, meet and photograph my long time favey: Hey Ocean!

Under the Yoga Tree's Gwillam Lake retreat group shot

Hands down the craziest Northern Lights I've ever seen, and I had my camera handy

A cute shot of Danny and his best friend's niece {awwww}

A precious moment I'm so glad I was able to capture

It was one of those Summers when it's hot enough to swim at night

Met, listened and photographed the great MC Yogi {another near death experience}

I have a love affair with the Northern Lights

Happy New Year one and all!

May this year be your happiest, most successful, and humble of all your years so far. 
Skip the resolutions and instead choose a path of health and love, and only look back to see how far you've come.


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