The House We Met In

Many many moons ago, in the year two thousand and seven, I met a boy known to me as Hot Danny at a Halloween house party.

He wore a big blue wig and a plaid mini skirt, and we instantly hit it off. A few dates later we were an item.

This particular house we met in ended up becoming our home three years later. Our mutual friend was moving and the house we were renting prior to this was falling apart and making us sick! (mould!)

So we moved into the house we met in May 2011.

We've had so many good times in our teeny tiny house and made so many memories, I always want to remember how awesome it was.

Like my first "garden". Dan and I bought one of those as seen on TV roll out flower gardens and sat back to watch it grow. All that sprouted was weeds.

But the back yard was great. I'll especially miss all the dandelions.

The front yard boasted a beautiful early morning Summer sunrise which I used to see every day when I was getting up at 5:30am for work.

The first time I ever decorated for Halloween since moving out of my parents was at this place. I accidentally painted BEWARE CHILDREN instead of CHILDREN BEWARE. It still looked spooky.

The lights I hung stayed lit for about two hours and then died. Never buying lights from the Dollar Store again.

We've spent a lot of holidays in this house. A couple New Years Eve parties, birthdays, Christmas...

Our first Christmas tree was in this place! We weren't going to get a tree that year as the place is so cramped cozy, but I was out walking Dex in the forest and just ended up plucking one right out of the ground and trucking it home. We planted. It died. I never inherited a green thumb.

My skills were more geared towards this room, in my first office as a photographer entrepreneur!

On the same day I became my own boss, I also became a fiancé! This didn't occur directly in the house, but it was close enough. Danny actually took me to the park down at the end of the block where we'd always go in the Summer with the dogs.

I'm definitely going to miss our garb-orator in the new place. I'm going to have to learn how to compost, which I will need once I learn how to garden.

But as good as this place has been to use, I'm so excited to get into the new house. Just TEN more days and we've got possession!

The countdown is on!


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