Our Wedding | June 30th 2013

I never would have dreamed that we could have planned and pulled off a wedding that was as beautiful and went as well as ours did. I knew inevitably the wedding itself would happen - rain or shine - dress or no dress, plastic or paper plates... But the whole thing actually went down really amazingly and super smoothly. I have to say that I was pretty impressed and pretty damn grateful for all the help we got from all our family and friends.

Next Sunday Danny and I are getting together with our lovely photographer for a last minute post wedding romantic photo session since we cut the Bride and Groom portraits short on the wedding day due to a 20 minute rain we got towards the end of the afternoon! So it shouldn't be too much longer until I'll have the whole Wedding Session to share!

But for now, courtesy of my Poppa Bear's camera and a handful of regrams, a scramble of candid wedding fun from the weekend!

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