Our First Christmas (married with children!)

What an amazing holiday it has been! I'm definitely still in vacation mode. Our tree is still up and shining every night and I have no intention of taking it down until February.

We kicked off the holiday spirit with a girls Christmas party at Cait's house on the 23rd. A couple days prior I confided in my sweet bestie about my growing addiction to chocolate since Sawyer was born, and this girl had a full on chocolate lovers spread awaiting us as we all arrived at her humble abode.. Amazing. This was my first night out and away from my babe since before I got pregnant at the beginning of the year! It was exciting and a little scary all at once. Brave Danny spent all night with Sawyer and let me sleep in the next morning. I couldn't wait to snuggle the little bird once I got up, it was so tempting to wake him.

The rest of the holiday was spent passing Sawyer around for Grandma & Grandpa and Aunty & Uncles snuggles everywhere we went. Delicious food and lovely warm company. And though not included in any of my photos, many many episodes of Lost.

This Christmas was a completely different experience than any Christmas I've ever had before. Even though Sawyer is too young to have any idea what was going on, the holiday still felt so much more joyful. Waking up beside him every morning and being able to share him with our friends and family and see the smiles on their faces when soaking in his baby cuddles and cute little expressions makes me feel so blessed and so grateful for this little life we created.

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