Baby's First Easter Basket

Sawyer's first Easter basket is all ready for Easter Sunday!

Truth be told, I've had just about everything in it bought since March. I'm starting to discover that the holidays are so much more fun once you start having kids. Even though Sawyer's not going to remember this first Easter, I'm still excited to watch his curious little eyes light up when he sees his colourful and sparkly basket!

Here's what I included:

- rabbit plushie
- My Quotable Kid
- two sidewalk chalk packs
- The Honest Company wooden zebra toy
- Bendi Baby yoga mat
- Little Hip Squeaks headbands
- three Easter board books

It will be a little while before he's ready for sidewalk chalk, but you can never get enough of that kinda crap right! I'm especially excited to roll out his yoga mat beside my own. At first I thought, baby yoga mat, bit of a novelty item. But then I read all of it's other uses (tummy time, baby massage, changing mat, clean spot to set baby outdoors etc.) and I was sold!

Happy Easter!

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