Natural Easter Egg Dye | a New Tradition

It's been years since I've dyed Easter Eggs! But keeping with the spirit of my New Years Resolution of Creating More Beautiful Things, and in hopes of starting a tradition that Sawyer will eventually be a part of, I'm giving Natural Egg Dye a go!

Coffee . Brown

Blueberries . Blueish Gray

Red Cabbage . Blue

Paprika . Faint Red Orange

Turmeric . Mustard Yellow

Beets . Dark Pink

I found the recipes on Better Homes & Gardens website:

I left all my eggs to sit over night but I might do things a little differently next year. For instance the turmeric produced a VERY yellow egg. Had it sat for less time it likely would have been a nicer softer colour.

Letting them sit over night also produced a bit of a film on some of the eggs (red cabbage, blueberries). I used a scrubby and buffed it off which revealed a much softer colour, especially on the cabbage eggs.

Next year I think I'll dye two dozen eggs and give a few more recipes and colours a try!

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