I Am Ashley, Hear My Roar | A Simple Introduction

Lovely to see you!
Do you have a minute to chat? Can i get you a coffee? Chai tea?

I don't believe we've met. My name is
a s h l e y   v i n c e n t

I'm a yogi photographer, passionate about living holistically and inspiring others, currently residing up north in BC, Canada. I started my photography business and blog after quitting my day job at 23, and deciding to pursue my greatest passions as my career.

Along with many other grand adventures since then, in 2013 I married my love and we had a sweet baby boy and called him Sawyer.

. . .

r a n d o m   l o v e s :
being in the woods, loving on nature
watching my favourite movies over and over again
drinking red wine and eating too much chocolate

I started blogging as a way to document my adventure into entrepreneurship and as a way to connect with my clients and friends when sharing photography. But I quickly found that I felt the desire to find my place in the blogging community and began to write more and more about my personal life, yoga, wellness, and everything in-between.

I blog for the fellow photographer and photoshop artist.
For any person, couple or child who I'll have the pleasure of photographing.
For the health conscious yogi and the mindful naturalist.
And for all the other likeminded weirdos who might just gain some insight or inspiration from my late night ramblings.

Something I wish for all my readers when they wander away from this little space I've claimed in the cloud, is that they feel as though they just spent a few moments with a close friend, chatting over their favourite glass of wine or a warm mug of tea.
And if I have any influence over my readers lives, I want to encourage them to chase after their goals without faltering in the face of difficulty, and to never settle for anything less than the life they feel called to live and breath.

Thanks for swinging by!

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  1. Ashley, I absolutely love your blog design! It's so simple, but that's what I love about it. And your photography is stunning!! I myself, am participating in Alex Beadon's challenge as well. And my first post was also late... but anyways, I just wanted to read about some of the other people taking part in the challenge! Lots of love, Ashlyn

  2. "And for all the other likeminded weirdos who might just gain something from my late night ramblings." --UMM, THAT'S ME! LOL.

    Sawyer is super cute, I have a little one of my own (we call her Zadiah).

    I post an insame amount of photos of her @ www.Instagram.com/sharinawunders :)

    Hope to connect with you there also,


  3. Hey Ashley! Love your photography and blog. Can't wait to go through the whole thing! I too practice yoga, can go through my favourite movies time and time again and enjoy hand writing stuff. Awesome to see a fellow Canadian in the Feel Good Blogging Challenge.
    xoxo Roxanne

  4. I just discovered your site when googling FSJ photographers and I love it. I also live in FSJ so I'm happy to have found another local :) Your pictures are gorgeous and definitely show the beautiful side of the northern living

    1. Thanks Ursula! I'm so glad you like them :)