Who's that toddler sleeping in my babys crib?

my tiny baby is one! how did that happen?

sawyer james, what a little munchkin. you just completely make my heart melt every time i look at you. i honestly could not even imagine what my life would look like if it didn't have you, my friend!

you started out so tiny, just 5lbs 15oz

It didn't take long before you were an official chubby baby

you were a fast learner, and was always eager to reach your next milestone

we got a hot tub your first summer and you thought the bubbles were hilarious

you were always a short napper, but always gave the house enough sleep at night

you are such a blessing my little heart, happy birthday love.


  1. What a sweet, chunky munchkin! He's so precious. :)

  2. Such a handsome little man :) I can't believe how quickly they grow, my little girl is almost three months already! It's so exciting to see them change, though I do wish it wasn't quite so fast!

    1. Especially in the beginning right? Now she's probably almost 6 months!! Oh my goodness, this was when the fun stuff REALLY began for Sawyer and I, they become such crazy little personalities and every day is a new adventure. Have fun! :)