and that was the day we found out the dog had lice

recently there's been a lot of talk about the prospect of us moving out of town.
a couple years ago, before we bought this house, we very nearly bought a 7 acre piece of property about 10 minutes from town. we had a move in date all set and everything, but at the last minute, the guy backed out and said he wasn't ready to move. soooo we decided to buy in town.

well, recently cindy has been chatting with him again - their acreage is next to his - and he had asked if we were still interested in buying. apparently he's thinking he'll be ready to move by spring, and if that's the case, then we're going to try and sell this house and snatch up his place. he had said that he'd give us first dibs when he was ready, so we'll see what happens.

do you ever have those days when you make a plan and you get all ready to spend the whole day going at a project, and then life has another plan and is like, HEY, you could do all that shit, or instead you could find out your dog has lice.. that was kind of like todays day, but its funny because the day could not have worked out anymore perfectly.

i had planned on dropping sawyer off at cindy's (my MIL) and then heading home to do mine and dan's book keeping and tax stuff for the day. i'd mentioned before leaving that i needed to pop into the pet store and grab dex a shampoo and give her a bath cuz she'd been super itchy lately. and then cindy's like, oh if you find a good one pick one up for me too, mayhem's been really itchy lately as well.
i didn't really think about it too much, until about an hour later as i was staring into the beady little eyes of a speck sized creepy crawly, scurrying around at the base of dex's furry coat, like he owned the place.

thank god these little bastards only live on dogs and won't jump on a person or live in a house. so the dog groomer i'd been talking with at the pet store told me to head to the vets and buy a couple doses of their lice medication, wash her bed and anything she'd been sleeping on in hot water (and clean your house from top to bottom in a frantic fit of liceaphobia). so how convenient was it that cindy already had sawyer and i had the whole day free to take care of this little lice issue

i ended up calling cindy and informing her that her dog almost certainly has lice as well and i told her i'd pick her up a pack of the medication. then she reminded me that they had him in a kennel over christmas and i'd bet my hat that he picked up the bugs there. ugh. this is a gross post.

but as always, the eternal optimist, the bright side is that i had the entire day toddler free to clean my house and do some reorganizing while i was at it. since the chance of us wanting to sell the house this year is possibly high, we've been getting back to the last few renovations we want to do first. 

i don't have the greatest before shots of our house when we first bought it, just iPhone pictures. all the others were lost when my hard drive got dropped last january (dan..) rest in piece big sally.
i've got a few, but they don't show how horrible the wall colours were when we first bought it. they were white and a very saturated hunter green. ick. we've also since removed the banisters and just have that wall open.

so much better now . . .

happy furday!


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