the K I L N H O U S E by shannon butler

this past december, i had the pleasure of taking photos for the lovely shannon butler and her amazeballs pottery. if you haven't heard of the kilnhouse, 
then you've clearly been living under a rock. shannon is a potter, like no other. 
her unique blend of traditional pottery and sculpture art is consistently awesome and always exciting. she creates all types of pieces, anything from coffee mugs to ceramic flower bejazzled moose antlers. i myself have a several trays and planters sprinkled around my home. not to mention the kitchen cupboard chock full of s.b. mugs.

okay this is totally morbid... but if i get cremated when i die, i'd totally love my remains to be kept inside a shannon butler urn... kinda dark but, just sayin.
that must be the exciting thing about pottery and ceramics (are those the same things?) you can build A LOT of things. like, the possibilities are pretty vast.

this one time, i tried my hand at pottery wheelin' at the kilnhouse, tried making a bowl. i took my wedding ring off, turned to dan and said, "don't let me forget, i'm putting my wedding ring in my jeans." and he said yup. and then i proceeded to turn this lumpy piece of clay into this awesome little bowl all shiny and new. 
and then it got too skinny and kind of collapsed into itself - but back to the rings.
something like 2 weeks later, i'm in nipawin saskatchewan at my grandma's house and she says to me, she says:
hey ashley, why aren't you wearing your wedding ring? and i look down at my bare fingers and think: where the #$% is my ring?

i retraced my steps in my head and actually remembered what jeans i was wearing the day we did pottery. and then i immediately texted dan (who was in fsj) and in the least suspicious way i could, asked him to kindly check my lightest wash jeans in the closet. (his favourites, make my butt look great apparently.)
totally anti-climatic story, the rings were still in my jean pocket... phew!

so the moral of the story is, don't press your fingers together too hard when turning clay on the pottery wheel, and don't stick expensive tiny objects in old ass jean pockets.

x o x o


  1. Ceramics and pottery are 2 different things lol.

    1. Haha shows how much I know about potting