it's flu season up north

had to buy giant sunglasses at winners because i almost crashed and died driving towards the sun on a wet road.

i don't know if it's the same everywhere, but some strange and disgusting things happen up north when the weather goes all out of balance with the season.

the season actually changes... winter... to flu season.

you can see how much the snow had melted, strange for january

a couple of weeks ago sawyer and i went to GP to visit my bestie Juice for the weekend. the night prior to us leaving in the morning, khloe (her 2 year old) ended up being up all night puking. other than the puking though, she was fine, totally normal self, no sign of other symptoms. so they were chocking it up to something she ate and we decided to come to the city as planned.

toddler selfies

the afternoon we arrive in GP i suddenly have a stuffy nose, the next day sawyer has one. by the time we get home on sunday, we both have full on head colds and juice is throwing up back in GP. next her husband gets it and its been made perfectly clear that it's a flu bug and not a food thing.

a twilight marathon on our sickest day, don't judge

a few days pass and sawyer and i are just starting to feel back to our old selves when BAM, i wake up friday at 3:00am and puke my guts out until danny goes to work at 7:30am leaving me with a crying toddler, who we came to realize had an upset tummy. thank god he was able to leave work by 11 and come home to take care of us, we were pretty pathetic.

poor little bean, it's so sad when they're sick

i end up having to reschedule my stylized antique boudoir session which was happening that saturday, and i spent the entire rest of the day laying in bed dying. then thankfully by sunday i was feeling quite a bit better in comparison, but unfortunately sunday was also the night the sickness finally struck dan. and by this time it had also struck not only juice's inlaws, but ours as well!

while sawyer got better, danny got worse

and what's more interesting yet, is that even after danny's flu passed, he ended up coming down with my original head cold. like how crazy is that? these little bastard germ bugs are seriously relentless. i ended up having a cancellation in my boudoir project in the end due to a sickness. and this seriously always happens up here when our chilly ass frozen winter weather dies off and suddenly it's a beautiful spring day mid january and it's lovely, and warm, and you can hear Olaf singing in the streets, but you always get sick.

i used to gag at the sight of a kids snotty crusty nose. but now, it's as commonplace as the nose itself.

and even when you finally start to feel back to normal and healthy again, you're all out of your routine and you've been eating like shit and not been exercising, or blogging, or editing, or really anything other than mouth breathing on the couch and staring at the TV watching Mr. Selfridge for three days straight... so the consequences of being sick drags on for about another two weeks until finally you find the motivation to get back on the band wagon and get your life together.

this was the sickest i've ever seen sawyer, and it was super sad. it was so great to see him smiling again.

but eventually of course you find your routine again, and you finally get caught up on laundry and stocked back up on food in the house, and man does it feel good when that happens. there's nothing better than finding your motivation again, finding your drive and getting back to focusing on your goals, back to cooking and eating healthy and getting back on the mat.

back to normal.



- a

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