cordelia's cat birthday party @ whole wheat 'n' honey

birthday parties and birthdays in general were so absolutely amazingly awesome when you were a kid. it was such a fun day and there was always cake and snacks and goody bags and games and it was always a riot. 

i remember back when i was turning - i believe - five or six, my mom sewed these little girly aprons and painted all the girls names on them who were at the party, and then we did this painting craft with our little personalized aprons. it was so great, the girls loved it! my long time best friend julie says she actually still has her apron. how awesome is that!

my mom has been pinteresting before pinterest was a thing. she is one crafty woman.

cordelia - or coco - the stylish and adorable birthday girl, wanted a cat birthday party. her mom jenelle delivered! i think she needs to consider children party planning as a new career, her kids birthdays (not to mention her wedding!) are all so damn cute and crafty and stylized so creatively. and marie's cafe whole wheat 'n' honey is the perfect venue.

i used one of my new actions called lumberjack on this photos session. it will be included in my new action pack coming this spring/summer! can't wait to share more of what i've been working on, follow me on instagram @ashleyalexandra to stay posted



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