easter egg hunt sneak peeks | h a p p y e a s t e r !

hello hello and happy easter weekend to you

we've had a lovely and relaxing long weekend here at home, incredibly productive as well, in that we finally tackled the backyard and have it looking so much better. we cut down a bunch of trees, stacked a ton of wood, raked and burned last year's poplar leaves and seeded the earth. it feels awesome to have a head start on everything in the yard as we finish getting the rest of the interior seller ready... a post on that coming soon.

in the meantime i'd love to share a few shots from the easter egg hunt with you! it was an incredibly fun afternoon with all the kids, and the weather was perfectly OKAY. haha it was a little windy, a touch chilly, but when the sun poked out from under a cloud it actually was quite warm. but honestly, we normally have a foot of snow on the ground around this time of the year, so i really can't complain.

the kids all had a blast and collected so much chocolatey loot and got to rummage through our elaborate rock garden set up. the lovely caitlyn was there with me as my second shooter, and in a very rare turn of events, i was actually in front of the camera a time or two at the end of the day when danny brought my little bunny out for a few photos . . .


- ash

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