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this is an excerpt from my yoga teacher training travel journal from mexico

july 5th 2011, day 14

so i made it through my vision quest in once piece. craig and tearza drove giulia and i just about all the way to our spots, then we walked the rest of the way. once i got to the giant fig tree, i found an ant free area underneath and laid my yoga mat down. then i crawled in the sleeping bag but soon came to realize it was sweltering inside that thing, but i didn't want bugs all over me! how the night basically went down was walking up every few hours, 2:00 AM for rain, i just went with it, embraced the wetness, and bit by bit i creeped out of my sleeping bag until come 7:00 AM i was splayed out on the jungly desert floor bugs or not bugs. i didn't know what to do when i first woke up, but then i decided to climb my big tree friend with my mat and towel, found a perfect spot to sit and didn't come down until 1:00 PM. so i sat and thought about things, contemplated, put things into perspective for five hours. i came to the conclusion that my car accident wasn't my fault, i spent some time thinking about presley, had a much needed cry for her, thoughts about my other relationships, promising myself to endeavour to make the most of my friendships while i have them. i thought about danny a lot, missing him, feeling excited to see him in 5 days! i watched the birds, the goats, the cows, the ants, the hummingbirds. it went by so quick and the next thing i know it's 1:00 PM and i get down out of the tree and make my way back to yandara. we had an uplifting breathing exercise and then shared our experiences at the beach pavilion. after was dinner, delicious lentil soup, and then satsang, and finally came sleep.

- ashley

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