the conscious cleanse . day three


so, there's falling off the band wagon... and then there's this.

i was so wrong in thinking that dan would be a good supporter. he is actually quite the opposite as he can be very persuasive. he KNOWS i have no willpower when it comes to my delicious butter scones. they're so ridiculously delicious, smothered in raspberry or maple syrup! i couldn't resist! so the end of day two was a little less than cleansing.

let's just move on, I don't want to talk about it, haha. i hit the restart button this morning and enjoyed a big mug of warm lemon water and then a tasty green smoothie. it was another snowy and wet day. danny went to town on the bathroom renos while i tackled the pineapple chopping. got six medium sized freezer bags full of chopped pineapple, boo ya.

lunch consisted of a burrito bowl salad, very tasty. and supper was stuffed chicken breasts (spinach and pesto) and kichari. if you've never had kichari and you want a yummy detox meal (good cold or hot) try kichari.

at least i can say today was better than yesterday. especially because tomorrow will likely be a write off. the fivestar fights are happening and we've got a babysitter! i'm running dillon through a yoga practice before his fight, and then sticking around to watch the rest of the fights and eat dinner. should be fun! not so much so for my cleanse...


- ash

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