the conscious cleanse and 14 day yoga challenge w/ my yoga online

with everything that's been going on at home, between photos, renovations, house showings, sick kids and getting sick myself, nutrition and exercise have been getting pushed aside and i've been feeling really run down. so when i went onto my yoga online yesterday for a practice, i saw that they're currently offering a 14 day cleanse and yoga challenge. 

ahhh, exactly what i need.

so i get signed up and start exploring the Conscious Cleanse. They offer a little reading material and recipes each day, so i start with that. day one's personal development article is all about creating habits. gretchen rubin, new york times best selling author of "the happiness project" and "better than before" and psychologist dr. claudia luiz, explain how everyone makes and keeps habits and commitments differently, and what works for one person may not necessarily be the best course of action for another.

so they give us a quiz that gretchen has created called, the four tendencies quiz. and upon finishing, i discover that my dominant tendency is the obliger. this means that i generally meet my outer expectations (i depend on external accountability, with consequences such as deadlines, late fees, or the fear of lettingother people down) but i resist inner expectations (it can be difficult for obligers to self-motivate—to work on ameditation practice, to attend networking events, to get their car serviced etc.)

so this means that in order for me to form a new habit, i need to adopt the strategy for accountability. they recommend hiring a fitness trainer or other accountability partner, or to team up with a friend who will be disappointed if i don't follow through. so my game plan is to write a blog post each day of the cleanse/challenge and chat about the experience. coupled with danny following the diet along with me, i should be setting myself up for success.


started my morning off with a huge glass of lemon water and a full serving of air. figured i'd just fast through the morning and wait for my first green smoothie once we got home. 

then, after a trip to the grocery store, health food store and the butcher shop, we've got a fridge full of wholesome food and are ready to tackle this cleanse!
and then, after a bit of blending and scooping, we created our first kinda yummy bluey-green smoothie. too much flax? average on taste but it did the trick. about an hour later we head to the old fort hills for a hike.

so we went up, dan and the dogs ran, sawyer and i walked up at a relaxed pace, he's obviously strapped to my back.. falling asleep while i do all the work - free loader.
and then we all make our way up, and then we all come down together.

on the way down dan makes me sprint up this super steep hill - three times! he's why i would never need a personal trainer haha
then we come home, and cindy, mama-inlaw, brings us some of the menchie's fresh overstocked fruit!

two cases of pineapple, a case of kiwis, then a boxful of cut up pineapple and strawberries! ahhhh perfect timing!
so then we have a visit with mama-inlaw, wish i could have a coffee with them.. dan's cheating on that part! seriously, i can give coffee up for fourteen days. no problem. and you know why? it's cause i'm not really a vincent. they said so themselves!

anyways, then i start the supper! the sweet and spicy pull apart chicken lettuce wraps. shit yeeeea.
and it turns out so deliciously, but seriously, i actually ended up eating mine in the bathroom because sawyer was teething and in need of a relaxing bath.
and now as soon as i hit publish, i'm jumping on to my mat for the day one practice!

- ash

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