the conscious cleanse catchup day


i drove to GP monday morning to see my bestie: juice, and the family. she recently lost her gram - an amazingly beautiful person, and so i was looking forward to our visit even more, to have a couple girly mom days together to get her mind off things and just relax for a couple days.

i knew i wasn't going to be able to stick to my cleanse, but i wanted to do the best i could - and i use that term very loosely. i kept up with my water, we went on a walk everyday, we had healthy lunches and dinners, i stuck to the plan fairly well... if you don't count the monsoon coolers and pink rum lemonades.

not only is juice my lovely best friend, but she is also my hair stylist. we have this great deal where we trade hair for photos, and on tuesday we were lucky enough to get all three kids down for a nap at the same time and bought us enough time to dye and tone my hair all before the first one woke up. bonus! and then on one of our walks we snapped some photos of the girls along the way, and then more in the backyard. will post those soon!

but i'm pretty much back to the cleanse today, made a raw cashew cream of broccoli soup after i got home from the city. it was delicious, but i couldn't help but be reminded of baby food while i was eating it. and then later for a quick dinner before my yoga class, i sautéed some asparagus, yellow pepper and almonds in avocado oil with himalayan salt and cracked pepper.

we'll be completely back to the normal cleanse starting tomorrow for sure, and i can get caught up in the daily reading! and be sure to check out my instagram page about 11:00am for the announcement of the loop giveaway! more info tomorrow ;)

- ash


  1. Add a little more liquid to the soup to thin it out a bit. Veggie stock would work or almond milk? Leave a few florets of broccoli out of the soup and chop, cook and add after blending... Just a thought if you don't like the thick texture. Yummy!!

    1. good idea! i think i'll take the leftovers and create a new soup!