the conscious cleanse . day four


despite the rough start, i know the cleanse is working because i feel like a bag of poo today. the headache that showed up wednesday night is STILL with me and the cold that i was almost through with has seemed to have come back again. and as annoying as this all is, i guess it goes to show how badly my body needed a break from all the junk i've apparently been feeding it.

i'm actually finding it way easier to stick to my clean food now though, cravings are down, could be due to not feeling great as well, but i'd say it's got a lot to do with me preeeeetty much cutting everything out. i haven't been an angel here, but i'd say i'm doing pretty well, haha

but the day was good, it of course began with a green smoothie. I added a whole avocado today, made things extra creamy, not sure how I felt about it. also added a bunch of kiwi, and a banana, some spinach, almond milk and ice. then of course there's a sprinkle of hemp hearts, chia seeds, ground flax and some powdered sea greens!

then jen came by again today and danny and her tackled the bathroom most of the afternoon. i made us all a big ass pot of chilli. it was loaded with veggies, kale and a mixture of beans. I actually don't think beef was on the list of things appropriate for the cleanse, but it was extra lean, and it was local, so I'm justifying it.

supper consisted of leftover kichari ate on the floor in the living room. sawyer and i shared a bowl. it amazes me that that kid will eat all the things we eat, crazy spices and all. he loooves beans!

i had mentioned in yesterday's post that tonight was the fivestar MMA fights and that i was doing yoga with our good friend dillon before his co-main event title fight! i'm super pleased to say that he won! by ground and pound TKO, woot woot! 

- ash

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