the conscious cleanse . day two


day two started with being violently ripped away from dreamland by the sound of the air compressor turning itself on in our bedroom. i've never woken up so aggressively before, heart beating a mile a minute, so confused. and then finally dan gets the thing turned off, and we laughed for so long. but still not a great way to start the day, especially because it was raining outside. nothing is more relaxing than sawyer letting us sleep in till 8 and listening to the rain outside the window.

so we get up and i enjoy my fresh kiwi, cucumber, spinach and banana smoothie. so good. and then i get to cooking for the day while dan and our friend jen get going on the bathroom renos.

i'm gonna be honest here, cause we're friends and i wouldn't lie to you. i had a coffee this morning. i know, i know what i said yesterday, but i guess i'm more vincent than i thought.

it was an absolutely miserable day weather wise, so i thought a nice warm soup would be just what the doctor ordered. i looked at a few that my yoga online recommended, and then browsed through pinterest, and then even got dan to look through a giant soup cook book. and then ended up creating my own.

this certainly isn't a recipe blog, because i'm only a half ass good cook, but this soup turned out especially tasty, so i'm writing it down so i can make it again...

green detox soup

1/2 a yellow onion {chopped}
3 big garlic cloves
some grated ginger
olive oil
2 cups of broccoli florets
4 cups of kale/spinach {packed}
about a cup of broth {chicken or vegetable}
about a cup of water
sea salt and cracked pepper
1/2 cup of barley
some garlic salt, paprika and cumin
2 cups of carrots and celery {chopped}
can of black beans
optional: sweet potato

- throw the onion, garlic, ginger and oil into a soup pot and saut√© 
- meanwhile, boil a few cups of water with the barley
- after a few minutes, toss the broccoli, greens and broth in and then add just enough water to cover the vegetables (seriously, don't over do it, you can always thin the soup later, lesson learned)
- then after about 10 minutes or so, take it all off the oven and process it in the ol blender, the return contents back to pot on low heat (don't boil the broccoli broth!)
- add a bunch of garlic salt, a bunch of paprika and then a little bit of cumin - all to taste - mix well
- once the barley is looking fairly plump, mix in the carrots and celery (and sweet potato if you're adding it, i didn't this time, sad face), cook until soft, adding broth (or water) if necessary
- once cooked, add the barley mix to the broccoli broth
- add the black beans, drained and rinsed well
- heat through gently

this made like 5 good sized bowls, and was super delicious. and then by the time i was finished cleaning everything up and had sawyer fed and back down for a nap, it was time to make dinner. again, i ended up doing something off the top of my head, just with the inspiration of a "healthy burrito bowl" pinterest search.

it was more of a burrito salad. it basically consisted of cooked wild rice (cooled) and about a cup of homemade salsa mixed together. that was the base, then we topped it with chopped lettuce and kale, some diced tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and black beans. dan had the leftover chicken from last night on his, and i just had more beans.

after that i braved the wintery roads and headed to the studio to teach my 7:15pm power vinyasa class. as usual on shitty weather days, it was a small class of only four. wa wa waa. but oh well, i needed it too. i actually had a headache when i got home. feeling a lot of pressure in my nucleus. could just be the cold i'm fighting or could be the detox is working - despite my cheating ways!

only time will tell.

- ash

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