wanderlust wednesdays 001

last week when i was planning my new series, wanderlust wednesdays, i was flipping through my yandara yoga retreat journal, and found this really unusual memory. i thought it was perfect for the first post.

and then this week i was planning on doing the same with my australian travel journal. but when i started flipping through the pages, i just couldn't choose which memory, or what part of the journey, and i just didn't think you'd really get the essence of the trip unless you heard the story from the beginning . . .

october 2, 2009

this story begins on a brisk friday morning in malmsbury, vic. myself, caitlyn + ryan landed in hobart, tasmania after a quick flight from melbourne. i suppose that means the story begins in hobart.. anyway, we got to hobart and jumped on a shuttle bus to the city. on the bus, accompanying us was a drunk obnoxious footy team. an ugly young man we later named "pink butt", was doing cartwheels down the aisle. not as impressive as it sounds. upon reaching the city, cait and ryan went to pick up the wicked camper van. i waited up the street so the company wouldn't know there was a third person in the two seater van. the van was awesomely spray painted in a pirate "captain jack sparrow" design. we then went for a quick grocery shop, stole some salt + pepper and got on the road! we drove to lake saint claire and acquired a national parks pass. it was raining. we then drove to lake burnaby, cooked some supper + called it a night. our neighbours had awful taste in music.

october 3, 2009

that morning we hiked to some waterfalls and then got back on the road. we arrived in strahan for coffee and some wood shop browsing. later in a small town called rosebury, we picked up a slab of carlton and made our way to the dam. we parked by the lake, lit a fire, and i created a classic northern bc cooler (rocks piled up in the cold water) it began to sprinkle and we seen the most beautiful rainbow i've ever witnessed. a truck of old fishermen drove by + gave us a wave and an invite to drink with them later on. we then ate supper and finished off the slab almost entirely, when the fishermen came back! we then met ruck (richard) a nice bearded dude of whom i ate a live grub with. went down pretty easy. went for a polar bear swim, lit off a flare, finished the beers, and called it a night!

october 4, 2009

in the morning, to our pleasant surprise, the fishermen had come back to drop off a 6lb trout they had told us about! so nice of them. cait and i washed our hair in the freezing water, + ry went for a dip! we then made our way to cradle mountain, went for a coffee and a quick hike. afterwards we drove to devil's gullet, where there was not much to see, followed by driving in the wrong direction for an hour. back on track, we stopped in at a town called "nowhere else" before arriving in devonport. there we cooked up our huge fish with garlic, spices and lemon on a free bbq. it was oh so good! slept by the sea and listened to the waves crash.

- ash

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