wanderlust wednesdays 002

did you miss last week's post? maybe you'll want to read from the start of the book . . .

october 5, 2009

in the morning i enjoyed washing my hair in the public washroom's sink (same place i did the dishes). we then went for a coffee and did some shopping. i acquired a gold fish trucker hat, a hunter ear flap torque + some running shoes. after returning to the van we came upon what we initially thought was a parking ticket, but came to see it was a warning and a free postcard! devonport is the nicest city. ever. we then drove to launceston + checked out the cataracts gorge and some peacocks. ate some pear + cadbury chocolate (mmmm) and drove to scottsdale. we fed and chased around some ducks and ate a rice, broccoli and fish concoction. i did some hula hooping and we drank tall boys. upon introducing ourselves to these bicyclers, we sat around the fire with them + showed them what s'mores were! ry passed out in his chair, hah hah. then it started raining and we hit the hay.

october 6, 2009

that morning ryan was feeling a little red wine ill and spewed for sure! we all took cold showers and then got back on the road. we hiked to ralphs falls (seen snow!) and cashs gorge and then drove to st. helens beach for lunch. i walked down to the water and wrote in the sand, had a cigar with proost. after we chilled a little longer by the beach, we went and picked up take away fish + chips, (which were &%$@ing sick by the way) and some good ol' budweiser! (didn't taste the same) It was pretty cold and windy so we just went to bed early.

october 7, 2009

waking up in the river n' rock campgrounds at coles bay it was a lot warmer. we went for coffee and croissants and found out when the "big day out" tickets were on sale. then we hiked to wine glass bay look out and then checked out honeymoon bay. i collected some perfect bead like shells to make into necklaces. in richmond we stopped to look at australia's oldest bridge (1823) and feed some ducks. i was regurgitating my pear for them and they were loving it! .... soooo.. then we drove to eaglehawk neck and checked out the sea, the blowhole, and the arch. arriving at our campspot for the night on a backroad by the highway and ate a delicious slop concoction before hitting' the sack.

. . .

to avoid confusion, i thought i'd add in a little back story.. the day after i arrived in australia, which was just several weeks prior to starting this journal, one of my best friends presley (proost), died in a car crash back home. it was a really tough situation and a rough start to the journey. her name comes up throughout the book as i work through waves of grief along the way, some days much harder than others.

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