the conscious cleanse . day twelve / thirteen


i'm so pleased to report that things are back on track cleanse speaking. i could actually see adopting a slightly more relaxed version of this diet after the fourteen days are up. i just don't think i could live without cheese...

i've never put much for fruit in my salads other than the occasional mandarin orange or a few grapes, but i seriously went all out on this one. not only was there raspberries, mangos and kiwis, but there was even mashed raspberries in the vinaigrette. on top of all this, i added avocado, wild rice, and a plethora of kale and spinach. the dressing was an avocado and walnut oil mixture, with apple cider vinegar. i also sprinkled in some sea salt, cracked black pepper, and a dash of coconut palm sugar.

i find making salads take feeerrever, so when i throw them together i always toss a few more into some glass jars to eat later on. they stay super fresh if you stack the layers properly, and they're the perfect grab and go cleanse snack throughout the day.

normally we would have ate last nights supper inside of a wrap, but instead we ate it straight from the pot and called it a taco bowl, or burrito bowl, basically a bowl full of rice, beans, tomatoes, extra lean ground beef, onions, avocado and some mexican style spices.

i'll tell ya another thing, i'm truly starting to prefer warm lemon water over cold, something i never thought possible. apparently it's way better for your digestive system too, so that's neat. my mornings feel so detoxifying and healthy when i'm starting with a glass of my warm water and then finishing with a green smoothie a little later on. it's an awesome way to wake up.

i've never been much of a food blogger, at least not this daily stuff. i'm more of a once in a while recipe type person when it comes to ol' blog, and only if it's a reeeeally good dish. but i do think that this cleanse, and the actual documentation of this cleanse, has improved my cooking. dan will vouch for me. i swear i've improved in the kitchen in just these last couple weeks, so i'm pretty pumped to continue on with this style of eating. dan and i both feel leaner and healthier. we've been staying really active even throughout the shitty weather we've been having. we took sawyer on this majorly muddy hike through the community forest today, took the stroller four by fouring, not sure it's actually meant for that, but it held up pretty good!

only a couple more days left on the cleanse! looking forward to a strong finish... and some cheese.

- ash

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