wanderlust wednesday 005

did you miss last week's post? or maybe you want to read from the start of the book . . .

october 15, 2009

i awoke to the smell of the sea and wind. as i layed in my bed contemplating getting up, cait + ryan began making out, making my decision very quickly. i grabbed my shoes and ipod + went for a run. afterwards we packed up camp + went into dublin to cook breaky by the park. after grabbing coffee + cake for later each, we got back to travelling' making our way to port augusta. after driving a while it seemed to get hotter + hotter! in port a. we did a grocery shop, fuel, beer stop, and stopped in at the post office so i could send danny his package. i sent him a mixed cd, couple letters and a necklace + bracelet similar to ones i made for me too. we then drove straight into nothing (the outback). stopping once at a pub in the middle of nowhere for a game of pool and a brew. stopped at a rest stop + made stir fry + went to bed.

october 16, 2009

woke up early and went for a run into the outback bushy area, did some more exercising + ran back. back on the road we drove until we hit coober pedy. once there we got out stretched our legs and went in search for coffee. we came across a didgeridoo shop/cafe that we went in. there was an extravagant russian man working there who wasted no time in showing us + teaching all about the ridge's and aboriginal art. he had the biggest didgeridoo in the world there. we got a coffee, that we paid for in change and left for more shop browsing. lots of opals, being as that's what coober pedy is famous for. later we went though marla + kept going till we found a back road to set up camp on + chill for the rest of the day. cait + i enjoyed some tanning, and then later some stargazing!

october 17, 2009

after a run + a hoop in the morning we took off in the direction of ayers rock (uluru). we got to the resort + set up camp, i had to hide in the back seat so we only had to pay for two people. the weather was b-e-a-utiful! we showered up, sat by the pool and then headed to ayres rock to watch the sunset. i had a long chit chatty with a drunk danny that went pretty okay. no, it was good. i basically spilled my heart but he was grumpy. anyways, i sketched the rock at sunset and then we headed back to camp. i sent danny some good night texts and fell asleep.

. . .

so if you've been following since the start of the trip, you'll know that we've been hauling a tent trailer for our camp and paying for accommodation as little as possible. meaning showers are a bit of a commodity. so every time we did end up staying in a rv park or resort it was such a treat and seriously felt like VIP living.

and as for the danny talk, if you know me or have been following my blog for some time, you'll know that danny is my husband. at this point in time we'd been broken up for about 10 months, and prior to that we'd been dating for about a year. the night caitlyn and i stargazed was the night i realized that i wanted to get back together with dan, and it really holds some sentimental value for me. there's a long love story that this adventure eventually evolves into, ending in thailand, so stay tuned for the rest of the story . . .

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