wanderlust wednesdays 004

did you miss last week's post? or maybe you want to read from the start of the book . . .

last day in tassy
october 11, 2009

after packing up our bags, stowing them away and checking out of the hostel, we embarked on a mad hunt for breakfast which ended bitterly in gloria jeans with toasted bagels and cream cheese (no jam). after we checked out the kathmandu and headed back to the hostel to kill some time before catching the shuttle bus to the airport. our flight was fairly delayed so we chilled out and waited a while, then finally boarded the quick flight back to melbourne where grant + deb greeted us (ryan's parents). that night i stayed up late and uploaded my photos and skyped with some friends and my dad. he had some awful news for me. willow bear had been killed by a wild animal. the second best friend of mine to die since i've been gone.

day one
october 13, 2009

after completely packing up the camper trailer, grocery shopping + getting all our things together we left malmsbury around 3:00pm beginning day one of our giant road trip around oz. twenty minutes in we realized we forgot our sausages.. so we went back and got them and started the trip again! that evening we made it to the arapiles and had some supper + crashed for the night. it was pretty cold and rainy.

day two
october 14, 2009

went for my run after waking up, then had some break and got back on the road. it was pretty rainy + windy for a while. after a bunch of driving we stopped at a rest stop + ate lunch, then continued on our way to adelaide. once we got there we didn't feel like sticking around so we went for a quick rip around, bought myself a headlamp + got a 50 cent ice cream cone. then we continued on to a free campsite by a small town called dublin.

. . .

oh willow... this was a really tough time in my life. i'd just lost one of my best friends just a few weeks prior to a car crash back in canada, and now my dog had died. you might not be able to tell always through my writing, but i was dealing with a lot of internal struggle throughout this trip. if my memory serves me, i do write about these feelings here and there, but the majority of the time i saved face, held my head up and just kept moving.

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