{AA} PHOTOGRAPHY in original joe's // PHOTOGRAPHY SCAVENGER HUNT // fort saint john, bc

last september i was approached by original joe's (franworks group of companies brand manager) and was asked to take care of the photography for all the wall art that would hang in their new fsj location. i was so psyched and could seriously not wait to get back home (summer vacation!) and get exploring my town, searching for the perfect "fort st. johnny" shots

i got up extra early one warm and sunny fall morning, packed up sawyer and the stroller and grabbed a machiatto from the canadian grind, then we headed up town. we walked around for hours, enjoying the sun rise and the slowness of the town, sawyer asleep for a lot it, me stopping to take a picture every now and again. we walked around, i turning my head in every which way and direction as though i was looking for a friend in a crowd. i actually saw the town in a totally different perspective, it's quirks, it's rough edges, it's shape and direction.

i went on to have random pop up photo sessions over the course of a few weeks when running errands or just out for a stroll. i was asked to find "things that make fort st. john, fort st. john" and i could immediately think of a number of businesses and landmarks, but when i was actually out walking around, in totally random areas of our down town, i felt like i was seeing another side to fsj, and was pleasantly surprised to find all kinds of beauty and art in unexpected places. you should give it a try!

so now these images grace the walls of the original joe's in fort st. john, bc. you can go there and eat their pita and hummus with balsamic glaze, have a foodgasm and stare at all the wall canvases wondering, where was that one taken? saying, oh that's that place! then be sure to have the cookies and milk for dessert, seriously, it's my fav.

so how many photos do you recognize?

think you could find or place every one?

the first person to seek out every shot and bring me proof of your scavenger hunt (iphone duplicate shots would be perfect, exact locations would be acceptable!) will earn a free hour long standard session with ashley alexandra photography..


contact me for scavenger hunt details or if you're interested in purchasing prints or canvases at aaphotographyinfo@gmail.com, 
or send me a message via the contact button.

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