SELF sunday's 001 // treating vitiligo naturally

i recently came across a website selling an e-book claiming to hold all the information i needed in order to treat my vitiligo naturally from home. the website itself looked a little suspect, not a great interface and looked a little "as seen on TV". but the video introduction and the author (michael dawson)'s story did leave me with a good impression, and the price of the book wasn't outrageous, so i decided to give it a try.

if you know me or you've been following me for a while, you probably know that i really don't care that much about my vitiligo and prior to finding this e-book, had no intentions of trying to cure the disorder or look for treatment options. i've been down that road many times before as a kid, and had given up hope long ago of ever getting rid of the rare skin disorder.

but being a genetic chronic disorder, i know that i've passed it on to sawyer and will inevitably pass it on to any future children i have. whether or not they will actually show any signs of vitiligo is pretty hard to predict, but they will be carriers. and especially if i have any girls (mostly only the women in my family have it) and i have the chance to learn how to cure it for my kids sake, then it seems like something i'd want to be informed about.. so after reading the short e-book (the natural vitiligo treatment system), learning some interesting things that i hadn't known before, and taking some notes on my chosen treatment option and treatment diet, i'm armed and ready to give it a try. there's nothing crazy to start incorporating into my life, there's not even any huge diet changes required, just some discipline when it comes to my sweet tooth and a few key items found at the health food store. 

everything on the "eat lots of" list are things i already love to eat and eat plenty of, so that makes things really easy! the "cut back/totally avoid" list is a little more difficult. since sawyer was born i've had a nasty love affair with chocolate, but luckily i'm safely assuming that chocolate and ice cream pertains to sugary milk chocolate and not healthy antioxidant rich dark chocolate. so while i do have to completely cut out junk food chocolate, i'm still planning on enjoying the dark stuff.

i'm a little sad that spicy foods are considered a no-no. i cook a lot of indian style dinners using a plethora of healthy fragrant and colourful spices, often turning out deliciously spicy, BUT of course these things can be adjusted to taste. dan will be pleased, he's never been a big fan of burn your mouth spicy foods.

i'm a huge supporter for having a supplement regime. my daily morning dose of vitamins and minerals include the following:
dha complete
immunity defense
women's complete one-a-day
- calcium & magnesium
- vitamin c

and now i'm welcoming some new vitamin friends into my pill boxes:
- vitamin e
- b complex
- b12 (x2 daily)
- folic acid (x2 daily)
- ginkgo biloba (3x daily)

it might seem like a lot if you're not used to taking vitamins daily, but once you start it's pretty easy to create the habit as long as you're keeping your pill boxes or bottles where you're going to see them everyday.

my skin is naturally quite fair and during the cooler months of the year you can barely see any of the non-pigmented patches on my body. but as the weather gets warmer and i get my butt outside for some much needed vitamin d and sunshine, my normal skin tans naturally and the white patches appear more visibly. 

part of the treatment is a topical application of a mixture of red clay powder and ginger juice applied to the de-pigmented patches and left on for 15 - 20 minutes daily. because my vit is spread across my body so widely, i thought i'd choose a few different areas to start with and see what kind of results i could get. the places that bother me the most (also the areas that burn the worst) are the tops of my feet, the backs of my knees, my hands and my forearms, so i'll start with those.

and lastly, the second topical application which is part of the treatment plan is coconut oil in the morning and at night. which is so great, because i already love using coconut oil on my skin!

so we'll see what happens! after some time has gone by i'll be posting some progress reports and hopefully with some luck and a little self control (no pastries?) i'll have some before and after photos to share with some noticeable results.

wish me luck!

. . .

SELF sunday's is a post series devoted to healthy lifestyle, mind body nourishment, and self healing & development, composed of words written without limitations and paired with my sunday morning coffee.

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