wanderlust wednesday 006

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october 18, 2009

banana pancakes on a sunday morning, oh ya! after breaky we went for a couple small walks at (blank) and uluru. afterwards, hot and sweaty, we hooped at the base of ayres rock + in front of it at the sunset car park. back aat camp cait and i laid by the pool + got some rays. by this time it was late afternoon + we still had to make a few miles so we showered up and i cut my bangs to get them off my face (driving me crazy!) i gave danny a call before we left and he was hammered, enjoying a dudes night out with lee. theyd just been kicked out of the pub apparently. he said hed been texting all day but without any service i wasn't getting them. hopefully i'll have service tomorrow at kings canyon.

october 19, 2009

after a run/hoop + some frozen yoghurt and muesli, we made our way to kings canyon. wearing knee-high blue and yellow socks, armed with my hoop + camera, we did the 3ish hour hiz-ike.. hike.. up + around down + up + down again. looked like another planet up there. like mars. afterwards we hit up the kings canyon resort for ice cream. no cell service + wi-fi is %&$ing expensive ($1/6min.. bite me) sat with our legs in the pool for a while, enjoyed some free pineapple and then got back on the ol' road (the highway turned into a 4WD road) goin like 60km/hour for like 100 km. fairly brutal. but made it to a good free bush camping spot + set up camp. watched "step brothers" b4 bed. so funny! hah you curly headed %$&

october 20, 2009

running in the sand is hard! after we packed up our site, ate some 'nanner pancakes we started the 131 km trek to alice springs with some stops along the way. first was the orchus.. no, orchre, no no ochres pit. wasn't anything to write home about, but colourful and pretty. nnext was the "some thing something big hole" i wasn't completely convinced there was going to be water in this hole until I saw it.. but holy man when i did.. it was like from the movie "the beach". it was bloody hot out, easy +35, and this oasis swimming hole was a gift from god.. so we swam, cliff jumped, and cait and i topless tanned across the lake where no one could see us. after we hit up alice springs, i talked to dan, we got subway, OH! and before we got to alice springs we got a flat, ha ha! then after grocery shopping we started the long journey to darwin!

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