wanderlust wednesday 007

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october 21, 2009

during my hoop and run amid the many termite nests i noticed canine footprints on my trail. on the way back i saw a small dog running ahead of me and watched him run around the front of the tent. when i got there he was already gone, disappearing into the grass... odd.
lots of driving to do and we started early, reaching devil's marbles around lunch. it started raining, and then thundering and lightening as we were climbing around on the rock formations. such a cool down pour in the plus 35 - 40 degree weather.. hippy showers. later we stopped in wycliffe well, the supposed ufo capital of australia. nothing impressive, it was a joke. as we were leaving though some monster %$#ing bad ass bug bit me through my shirt on my lower back, and yeah, i cried. later on we parked somewhere for the night and drank a litre of milk cuz our fridge quit on us. seen a huge huntsman spider right before bed... comforting.

october 22, 2009

up stupidly early so went for a good long run/hoop mesh. had some bacon and eggs. ate the last of our snags, finally. i don't know if i'll ever be able to eat them again. lots of driving again, lots of nothing but desert. we did make it to the free zoo and pub just as i finished my book (john lennon: the life) %$#ing hell that's a good read. must remember to email the author. anyway we had a beer at the pub and got back on track, made it to these "thermal pools." it was effing hot, but the spring was pretty good for cooling us down. it was tucked away in this jungly area surrounded by palm trees filled with flying fox bats. like literally over 100,000 of the things. they were actually really cute. so after we showered and got gas, chatted with this canadian chick (a 7 year shambhala veteran), found a pull out and made supper, watched some "how i met your mother" on my mac.

october 23, 2009

shit work out in the am, no where to run practically. people everywhere. have to make up for it tomorrow. we hit katherine after breakfast and packing up, got some ice coffees and then eager to finish off the last 300 some km to darwin we got back on the road. hard to believe we've done over 4000km already! so we rolled into darwin and met up with ryan's uncle scott. he showed us to his house and then gave us a grand tour of the city. the place is beautiful with lots to do! the weather is hot and humid +30s all day. later we met scott's german wife esther (coolest lady ever) and had a big bbq at their house. we met their kids, charlie (4) and ian (6), so cute! and sat around that night and visited over some wine and beer.

. . .

so about the snags.
before i arrived in australia, caitlyn had been there working for several months in a sausage factory. with this position she was able to get a nice big discount on any meat she'd like to buy straight from the factory. so we ended up buying like 2 or 3 boxes of these little sausages, aka snags. we literally ate them for almost every meal, breakfast, lunch dinner.. sautéed, bbq'd, cold leftovers, chopped up and put into pasta or casseroles, pretty much any way you could eat them, we ate them that way. and while they were delicious, by the end of the last box we were completely sick of them.

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