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If you haven't been into the new North Peace Optometry Clinic on 100th yet, then definitely go in and check it out! Not only is the space exquisitely decorated by the very talented Gwyntie VanTuyl Weswick of Emerge Design, but they have an awesome selection of glasses. Tons of really nice frames, there's so many to pick from, and I desperately need to replace my prescriptions soon so I'm happy to know I have so many choices.

The last time I went to replace my prescription glasses, I couldn't find one pair that I even kind of liked in the eyewear store up town, so I ended up searching online. I spent hours photoshopping different frames on to my face, looking for the perfect pair, and finally narrowed it down and made my purchase. When they arrived in the mail I was definitely happy with them, but they weren't the PERFECT pair. They worked, but they weren't anything to write home about, they didn't even have anti-glare. So now that I know of a great place to get them, where I can actually try them on, I think it's a good excuse to invest in a new pair!

Happy shopping!

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