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this afternoon we packed up the bebe and went berry picking with lee and shannon in rose prairie. since we've had such a dry hot summer so far, all the saskatoon berries are ripe extra early and there are so many of them! it's amazing the amounts of berries you can find in the wild - for free! - especially in comparison to paying sometimes as much as eight or nine bucks for a little container. not only price, but health wise too.
these wild berries are naturally organic and filled with antioxidants. known as a super fruit, they are an excellent source of fibre, manganese, magnesium and vitamin e! 
i just love bringing sawyer out into the country and letting him run wild and free. i think it's so important that children explore nature as often as possible and from a young age too. i just can't imagine sawyer becoming one of those kids that only ever wants to sit inside in front of a screen. that would be so sad! i always want to encourage him to get dirty and have a wild and crazy imagination. i want to take him on as many adventures as i can think of. they're all so new to him and everything is so exciting! and for me, it becomes this beautiful and enjoyable, almost meditative experience in nature. it's an instant stress reliever, and there's something so satisfying about gathering your own food from the wild, it just feels good and it's so incredibly fresh!
not only am i a gatherer of food, but i also have an obsession with collecting things from the wild. i love coming home with a bouquet or two of wild flowers to place around the house and add a little pop of colour! in my opinion, fresh cut flowers - even the wild ones - always brighten up and bring an energy into the room like no other decor can.  
are there wild berry bushes where you live? 
any other wild fruit or veggie that you have your pick of?
leave a comment and tell me what you make with your wild harvests - or if you just end up eating them all before you get back home ;)
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