VISION BOARDS // how to make them BEAUTIFUL and AFFECTIVE // self sunday's

my biggest problem with my vision board, is that it had no vision. it was just a bunch of pictures and magazine clippings that i thought were pretty or looked nice and complemented the other photos.

after reading the book The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)by hal elrond, and discovering during the chapter on visualization, that i needed to get a clearer picture of exactly what i wanted in my life, and put THAT up on that board, not just what looked nice on the wall.

now i needed to find photos that would represent my dream life. i started flipping through all the magazines in my house, then i flipped through the ones in my moms, and i did find a few good cut outs, but nothing really specific, and specific was essentials to using the board affectively.

so how can i find photos specific to my unique plans for my life, while still maintaining a nice flow to the board and staying visually appealing on the wall?.. pinterest.

i got to searching through my pinterest boards and browsing the keywords for what i wanted our house to look like or where i hope for it to be placed geographically. i collected some photos of a green house and a big veggie patch, with mountains in the background of course. and then after saving a bunch onto my camera roll (i'm doing this from my iPad by the way) i then imported them into a photo collage creating app (i used picaboo) and once again saved them onto my camera roll.

then when i went to have some photos printed for a client, i uploaded these photo collages to the set as well and had them printed in 8x6s. once i had them home i cut them up and placed them up on to my vision board - after giving the board a clean sweep and taking down a bunch of random clutter.

the result is a perfect (getting there!) picture of what i hope my life to look like! there's still more to add, but it's a fantastic start. so now when i do my miracle mornings at 5:00am, i can sit in my comfy office chair, relax and visualize for 10 or 15 minutes, enjoy my tea and stare at the photos displayed on the board, and just day dream myself into them.

SELF sunday's is a post series devoted to healthy lifestyle, mind body nourishment, and self development, composed of words written without limitations and paired with my sunday morning coffee.

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  1. What a great idea! I should do this. Sometimes I need a vision board to help organize all my thoughts and ideas...cuz it can be all over the place sometimes. Ah, and Pinterest is the perfect place for inspiration fore sure :)

    1. Absolutely! It's almost like a google search, but prettier! Haha