wanderlust wednesday 008

did you catch the last post? or would you like to start from the beginning?

i don't know if you or anyone you've ever known has gotten that skin infection called tine versicolor? it actually looks similar to vitiligo but is just a fungal infection caused by a type of yeast that naturally lives on our skin. anyways, you can get it when you live in a hot climate, or sweat a lot, or if you have oily skin or a weakened immune system you can be prone to it. and so poor cait got it on her shoulders and chest while we were on our trip and she ended up being advised by a doctor to smother her skin in dandruff shampoo and leave it on over night. well, she ended up doing it and the poor girl woke up with chemical burns!! isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard? damn kook doctor!

october 24th 2009

in the morning we all got ready for the "under 350 or under water" action day for climate control. i had applied to photograph the event back home and found my application was accepted shortly before leaving, so i was excited to be a volunteer photographer. something like 170ish countries were all involved all around the world with around 7000 events. ours went really great, held at the jingli water gardens, we made a human tide line on the bridge that runs over top of trower road, representing the sea level we may face if the ice caps continue to melt due to our failing ozone layer being about 350 ppm. i think it's around 390 ppm now. anyway, laster that afternoon we went fishing with scott and i caught a barramundi fish!! but i felt bad so i threw it back. then later that night we went out for a bit, checked out darwin night life after supper. cait and i shared a fishbowl drink, we tried to get into the strippers but no luck, ryan wasn't within dress code. how dare he wear sandals when it's plus 30 out at night, like really.

october 25, 2009

we checked out the mall after sleeping in until eleven. took a look around, found out that men's haircuts are more expensive on sundays. later we ripped home and hung out in the head and ac. ryan and cait swam in the spa and i worked on some photos. then we got an eske together, some beet + wine and headed to the beach to watch the sunset. this time esther came too. cait and i headed off in search of food at the market after we got a spot on the beach. came back with some squid, rice and calamari. had some drinks, then did some walking around the market. it was so good, i found danny an awesome shark tooth necklace that he can take on and off, haha. then watched a sweet drum and didge band. i bought a set of poi before we left and then we all did some practicing back home in the yard!

october 26, 2009

a very productive day indeed! went and got oil for the car, a new tire, cait some hoop making materials, ry got a haircut and i went to the walk in to ask about my numb toes., apparently it could have something to do with my chronic back pain, but not much they can do about it unless i was to get a CT scan. then we got our swimming shit together and went down to the beach. it was pretty nice down there, with a nice big net to keep the jelly fish out haha. laid on the grass and texted dan, worked on my tan, then we ripped back home and made sure we weren't watching the kids, but we weren't (we'd do that the next day!) that night i read module 6 of my photography course and ry and cait watched some "how i met you're mother". also, cait smurf suited up to try and get rid of her sun fungus with selsun blue! we'll see if it works!

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