wanderlust wednesday 009

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looking back on things now and remembering how big of a stick in the mud ryan was about dressing up for halloween, totally irritates me. i'm gonna be honest with you, more honest than this journal is - probably for fear of ryan reading it! - but he was a huge party pooper, all the time. sometimes it seriously felt like pulling teeth trying to get him into the spirit of doing things.

october 27, 2009

that early afternoon scott invited us to his work (the airport fire station) for a tour! when we got there we checked in, got passes, and scott showed us all the different rooms in the place (dorms, control centre, mess area, gym, hose and equipment maintenance) then we got to check out the huge aviation fire trucks. cait and i got to try on fireman pants and the helmets. then scott took us for a rip in a truck and showed us the huge cannon water sprayer. then later after being escorted out and thanking scott, we checked out spotlight, the art store, and then headed to the beach for a bit. back at home esther and scott got ready for their dinner date and we ordered pizza! we had some din din and watched ian while charlie was in bed and watched some "how i met your mother." this road is bumpy!

october 28, 2009

costume day! the three of us headed to the mall in search of halloween costumes. cait and i got tutus and capes and an all out superhero costume. ry got an all blue superhero get up. after we went to the wharf for lunch, got some fish and chips, and seen a poor little one legged seagull. we called him stubs. after that it was hot as hell so we went to this free waterslide park. it was awesome! really well kept and cool rides and stuff to play on. that evening after cait had put her hoop together, she taped it up and got it looking snazzy. we all tried on our costumes and we look sick! just have to paint on some super hero logos! we are going to be "super hoopers!" ryan's still not sure.

october 29, 2009

that early morning.. or no, afternoon, we went downtown to cruise around. i need to buy a new mac cord because mine quit charging the computer. then we grabbed a coffee and ripped back to the house for an eske and drinks for the market that night. then we went to this fish feeding thing and got to throw bread in water for all these fishies. it was kinda cool. after that we went to the market and chilled out in the shade and hooped for a while before grabbing some food. then with our wine and beer in the eske, we found a spot on the beach to watch the sunset. afterwards we ate and drank and hooped for a while and then we went to check out emdee's first evening set. a girl swinging fire poi danced with us for a while and then we watched some great fireworks! after we went back for their last set, hooped the whole thing, made $7 haha. met the drummer and were invited to come to their halloween thing tomorrow! or the next day rather!


wanderlust wednesday is a post series devoted to sharing - with humility - the private pages of my travel journals from adventures past. the book you just read from was written during a year long trip to australia (and tasmania) in the year 2009 when i was twenty years old.

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