quickly create a YOGA MAT CLEANING SPRAY // namaste bitches

i'm gonna make this short and sweet, because after taking an hour or so to type out this entire blog post, i mistakenly clicked the refresh button (assuming blogger had autosaved) and was much dismayed to find it had disappeared. there's an hour i will not get back... UGH doesn't that infuriate you?

so to the point! why are we all here? we're here for this awesome yoga mat spray cleaner that is super quick and easy to make and works really really good!

what makes it a better mat cleaning spray than the other million essential oil mat cleaners you might have seen? it's the witch hazel! this natural astringent will help to wipe away all the oil and sweat left behind on our dirty ass yoga mats, while the essential oils will take care of the bugs. double the cleaning whammy.

so lets make it! gather your shit:
  • liquid measuring cup
  • empty spray bottle (mine held about a cup)
  • witch hazel
  • essentials oils
  • water

the cleaning solution ratio is 3/4 water and 1/4 witch hazel + oils

after determining how much liquid your spray bottle will hold, pour enough water into your measuring cup to take up 3/4 of the bottle. my spray bottle held about a cup of liquid, so i used 3/4 cup of water and 1/4 witch hazel (pretty straight forward, hah)

next you'll add your essential oils! experiment with different smells and strengths, giving a test sniff every now and then. don't forget to use some of the oils that are known for their cleaning power, oils like:
  • tea tree (fights germs, bacteria and viruses)
  • lemon (antiviral and antibacterial)
  • eucalyptus (germicide)
  • peppermint (antibacterial)
  • sweet orange (tough on grease)
  • lavender (antibacterial)
  • rosemary (antibacterial and antiseptic)

then you'll pour carefully...

and label accordingly...

and bam! you've got yourself one handy dandy fast acting, germ fighting, magical mat cleaning spray! and why not spread the love? make one for a friend! or do as i do and make this sweet smelling citrusy cleaner for your lovely yogi students post savasana!

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