wanderlust wednesday 010

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october 30, 2009

this afternoon we went to litchfield national park to check out the sights. seen some crazy huge termite nests, like over ten feet tall! then we went to florence falls to go swimming. beautiful area, the fish swam with you! i jumped off one of the cliff faces into the water, around 35 feet high! then went for a walk to the rock pools to swim in. then after doing some 4x4ing and almost getting stuck with a broken down truck after seeing the lost city, we went home and had some supper! later cait and i decorated our halloween costumes: super hoopers and poi boy! we thought about going out but eventually decided against it as we were getting up early to go fishing with scott in the bay.

october 31, 2009

was a hot day for fishing! got a little burn on my back. we cast out crab cages but didn't catch any. ryan and scott fished all day but only caught a cat fish. no barra! later in the afternoon we went home and painted ryan's costume up for the night. we got all dressed, had some dinner and drinks then headed to brownsmart theatre for the halloween fundraiser for a little girl from darwin with a brain tumour. they had lots of local bands and even people dressed up haha. met up with alex, one of the drummers from emdee, then watched his band play for a bit. we met some other people and ended up going with them to play pool at the after party. we were telling alex how we were contemplating staying in darwin to watch josh pyke (chimney's afire) on tuesday, turns out he's playing with him! so we'll be going to that on tuesday!

november 1, 2009

that morning we got up late and met up with alex, lukas and solena at this asian restaurant called tasty house. had some lunchskies there then all went for coffee and a very long bullshit on the patio. it was about 4:00pm before we left the place and we headed back to lukas's for a jam session. busted out the bongo drums, guitar, and ukulele. then decided we'd check out the outdoor cinema! was very cool, all those badass banana deck chairs and lebanese food haha. we watched a movie called van diemen's land. it was about these tasmanian convicts that escaped into the wild and ended up eating each other . . . then after we went to monsoons and watched a cover band for a while, did some dancing, drank some delicious sparkling wine. the lead singer of the band, dr. elephant, was apparently on that show "the biggest loser." interesting little fact.

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